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    Choose your order type (Half share, Full share, Family Share or Mega Share), and customize it to your liking.
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    Your subscription is automatically renewed 3 days prior to your next delivery. Away from home that week? We'll notify you of your upcoming delivery, at which point you may opt to donate it to a local family in need or "pause" your subscription.
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    Receive your products at your doorstep each week. All deliveries will be made in a paper bag. Please leave a cooler outside as well as your empty glass bottles and previous weeks ice packs.
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    You can make necessary changes to your order (or add additional shares or add on products to your subscription) up until 3 days prior to your next delivery.

How Fresh Is Your Milk?

We are introducing you to transparent dairy - Our products go directly from farmer to doorstep to provide you with the freshest food possible.

How Fresh Is Your Milk?

Meet the Family of Freshness

It’s not just milk. We have teamed up with other local farmers to deliver a weekly order full of dairy products as well as meat and produce that provides the same level of freshness we believe in.

  • Always Fresh Milk

    Always Fresh Milk

    Your choice of Whole, 2%, Skim or Chocolate Milk from local family farms in Northeast Ohio.

  • A2 Heavy Cream

    A2 Heavy Cream

    Smooth creamy goodness processed at a local creamery.

  • Farm Fresh Eggs

    Farm Fresh Eggs

    Fresh, free range eggs off our local partners farm, delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Cheese of the Week

    Cheese of the Week

    Each week you will receive a different fresh artisan cheese from a local farmer in Burbank, Ohio.

  • Smooth and Creamy Butter

    Smooth and Creamy Butter

    Fresh salted butter made at a local dairy.

  • Farm Made Yogurt

    Farm Made Yogurt

    Flavorful and healthy, our yogurts are all sourced from family owned farms.

  • Cookie of the Week

    Cookie of the Week

    Freshly baked cookies from a local bakery. A different variety every week.

  • Cheese Crisp of the Week

    Cheese Crisp of the Week

    High protein snack, a different variety of locally made cheese crisps will be offered. Try a crunch of something unique!

  • Sweet of the Week

    Sweet of the Week

    You’ll be delighted by our “Sweet of the Week”, home-made Donuts, Cream sticks, pies & other home-made treats, all made locally in farmstead kitchens.

  • Granola of the Week

    Granola of the Week

    This is something you won't want to miss, each week you will receive a different choice of delicious locally made granola.

  • White Bread

    White Bread

    Our white bread comes from a local bakery in Applecreek, Ohio.

  • Fresh Salsa

    Fresh Salsa

    Mild salsa made with only fresh ingredients making a tasty snack, made right in Swanton, Ohio. Caution: Highly Addictive!

  • Cottage Cheese

    Cottage Cheese

    Soft and fresh cottage cheese made right here in Ohio.

  • Sour Cream

    Sour Cream

    A cultured fridge staple from no where else but Walnut Creek.

  • Cream Cheese

    Cream Cheese

    Soft and mild cream cheese made locally in Amish Country.

  • Cheese Curds of the Week

    Cheese Curds of the Week

    A different flavor of "squeaky cheese" will be available to be added to your box each week!

Choose the share that fits you

  • Full Dairy Share

    $29.99 /week

    Your choice of any 6 products.

  • Half Dairy Share

    $22.50 /week

    Your choice of any 4 products.

  • Family Dairy Share

    $38.50 /week

    Your choice of any 8 products.

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For products that vary weekly, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see what's on the menu each week.

Food Partnership Program

If you’re on vacation or simply have too much stashed in your fridge, you can respond to our automated text messages and instead have your order sent to a local family in need through the Wooster Hope Center.

If you’re interested in donating a share every week, you can simply purchase one and select the “donate” option upon signing up. Each share is packed with fresh nutritious products that often do not get to our local food banks. At the end of the year, we’ll provide you with a tax deductible receipt from a non profit organization. (Charitable giving deduction receipts remain for taxpayers who optimize with current tax laws.)

Hartzler Family Dairy

A local creamery and Ice Cream Shoppe in Wooster, Ohio specializing in delicious Non-GMO dairy products in glass bottles!

Visit Hartzler Dairy

Green Field Farms

Green Field Farms, a farmer owned co-op, was established in 2003 to assist in the revitalization of our culture's rich farming history.

Visit Green Field Farms

Nutrifresh Eggs

A local farmer in Willard, Ohio providing wholesome, cage free, large brown eggs.

Visit Nutrifresh Eggs

Tried & True Granola

Old-fashioned values. Family traditions. And happy mornings.

Visit Tried & True Granola

Minerva Dairy

We use only the freshest cream from pasture-raised cows on American family farms.

Visit Minerva Dairy

Buckeye Country Creamery

A local creamery in Ashland, Ohio that specializes in a variety of delicious A2 dairy products.

Visit Buckeye Country Creamery

Bunker Hill Cheese

The relationship between the farmers and the Dauwalder family is personal, and together we are committed to continuing on into the 21st century.

Visit Bunker Hill Cheese

Cottage Kitchen

A local farmstead bakery in Kidron, Ohio providing the most delicious baked goods!

Visit Cottage Kitchen

BoBell Cheese Company

Our handcrafted Tomme, Gouda, and Monterey jack style, Fontina, appenzeller-style and Chipotle Jack cheese are made using an old-world style and have a natural rind.

Visit BoBell Cheese Company

Troyer's Home Pantry

Providing our customers with the best in pies, rolls, cakes, cookies, breads, and more, all made from scratch with the old fashioned recipes perfected years ago.

Visit Troyer's Home Pantry

Walnut Creek Foods

Walnut Creek supplies Amish Country with the area's finest cheese, fresh meat, bulk foods, and produce.

Visit Walnut Creek Foods

Willy's Salsa

Willy’s has been producing the best-tasting, healthiest, high-quality fresh salsa on the market for more than 14 years.

Visit Willy's Salsa

It All Starts With a Happy Cow

The Modern Milkman, owned and operated by family members of Pine Tree Dairy, is changing the face of dairy by giving it straight to you. We, as farmers, have the highest standards for producing milk and each bottle of milk is guaranteed fresh.

  • Homegrown Feed

    Quality In = Quality Out. Our girls eat better than people with a balanced diet precisely calculated by a nutritionist. We are able to locally grow all of our corn and hay, ensuring quality feed for our beautiful herd.

  • Posh Living

    Our state-of-the-art barns with regulated air temperatures, on top of fresh comfortable bedding, make our cows feel happy and healthy all day long.

  • Staying Refreshed

    Our cows drink water from a well - which is a beneficial natural water that is not treated.

  • We Love Our Cows

    We have been taking care of cows for more than 100 years, providing them with excellent care and ensuring their long-term health.

From Our Parlor to Your Front Porch

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